The CEREC Machine; Digital Impressions and In-Office Crowns with Dr. Ziemba

I would like to introduce our existing patients and perspective patients to a wonderful new piece of dental technology; The CEREC digital impression and milling unit.

As some of you were aware, I was out of the office the latter half of the week of March 13th. I was in Arizona getting advanced training on this new Technology at the Spear Center of Dental Excellence.

How many of you have had a dental impression? You most likely had to sit for a few minutes with a large metal tray in your mouth that was filled with a “goop” material. How many of you enjoy that experience? Not many of our patients do, especially those who experience a severe gag reflex.

The CEREC machine gives us an industrialized alternative to this experience with digital impressions. When it is time to take the dreaded impression, we now simply scan your mouth with a wand-shaped camera that is configured into a digital impression onto our computer. This allows us to either email your impressions to our labs (via secure internet), or continue designing the crown in-office.

If your schedule allows, the doctors and team can design and manufacture your crown in about two hours, which is convenient and time-saving! While you are relaxing in our office, the crown is being designed, milled, and glazed in office. Once it is completed, we permanently cement the crown. This process eliminates the need for a temporary crown or a second visit.

Check out these video clips below!

Sandy and I taking a digital impression for a crown to be fabricated in the office.


Designing a crown in-office using the CEREC machine.


Our milling unit creating and fabricating a crown in-office.


The result of the milling stage before the crown is enhanced and characterized.

Get to know Dr. Ziemba!

What is your role at PVDA? Dentist and owner

How long have you been with the team? 20 years

What is your favorite part of being a part of Team PVDA? Being a part of a great team that prides themselves in helping people smile

What is your favorite healthy snack? pistachios

What is your favorite activity outside of the dental field? Coaching Youth ice hockey and golfing

To maintain a healthy lifestyle, what is one piece of advice you can give? Always keep active!


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