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The many advances in technology have also had a great impact on the field of dentistry, enabling dentists to provide more accurate diagnoses and treatments with less discomfort and down time for patients.

At Pioneer Valley Dental Arts in Longmeadow, Dr. Evans and Dr. Ziemba have incorporated some of the latest technology into their dentist office for an improved patient experience. From the moment you walk in the from door, the benefits of technology make your visit more efficient, informative and less painful.

Digital Records

As a digital dental office, your records are kept on our computer system for easy access and storage. They can be viewed from anywhere in the office and sent to a specialist when necessary.

Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays make diagnostics easy and efficient. With less radiation exposure and high resolution images, digital x-rays are an invaluable tool for your dental care.

Air Abrasion

For many patients, the sight and sound of the dental drill creates anxiety and stress, making a visit to the dentist an unpleasant experience. We use an air abrasion tool when performing dental fillings or removing tooth structure for a restoration for improved comfort and more accurate treatment.

Soft Tissue Laser

Treating gum disease or performing a gum lift to improve the aesthetics of your smile is far less painful with the use of a dental laser. Heat energy enables us to remove affected tissue and stimulate natural healing without the need for oral surgery.


CAD/CAM technology makes it possible for Dr. Evans or Dr. Ziemba to digitally design a custom dental crown, inlay or onlay and mill it in our office while you wait. CEREC saves you time and money with same day dental crowns that are made of high quality ceramic or porcelain and placed during a single visit.


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