Missing Teeth Longmeadow, MA

Dr. Mark Evans and Dr. Derrick Ziemba offer treatment options for replacing missing teeth, emphasizing the importance of prompt and effective replacement for long term dental health.

Even just one missing tooth can have a domino effect on your oral health, leading to an increased risk for decay, gum disease, shifting teeth and bite problems. Missing teeth can also have a detrimental affect on both self confidence and daily quality of life. If you have lost a tooth, or several, schedule a visit with us in our Longmeadow dentist office to explore your replacement options and get back a natural, functional and beautiful smile.

Treatment Options for Missing Teeth in Longmeadow

Modern dentistry has revolutionized tooth replacement with new materials and treatment options. Patients can now enjoy permanent, secure tooth replacement that functions like natural teeth when choosing dental implants. Dental implants can also be used to stabilize a denture or dental bridge for more comfortable results that do not slip or fall out.

During a consultation, your Pioneer Valley Dental Arts dentist will thoroughly evaluate your overall dental health and discuss your personal concerns and goals. Recommended treatment can include:

  • Dental bridges: used to replace one or more consecutive teeth
  • Dentures: used to replace the upper or lower arch of missing teeth
  • Dental implants: a prosthetic tooth implanted into the jaw bone to mimic a natural tooth and provide a secure result. Implants can also be used to secure a denture or bridge.

Replacing missing teeth will restore not only your dental health, but your confidence in your appearance. Your restored smile will enable you to enjoy a healthy diet, normal speech – and your best possible quality of life!


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