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At some point in their lives, most patients will require a dental filling to treat tooth decay or tooth damage. A dental filling is one of the most important dental treatments in the maintenance of a healthy smile. There are a variety of materials that can be used for a dental filling and Dr. Evans or Dr. Ziemba will make the appropriate recommendation for your specific needs.

Benefits of White Fillings

Amalgam has been the most commonly used material for a dental filling for many years due to its economical cost. But this blend of metals, including mercury, can present a health concern for many patients and while durable, can affect the aesthetics of your natural smile. Dark fillings often make your smile appear aged and as a softer material, can break down over time, raising the risk of additional damage or decay.

In most cases, white composite fillings are recommended for a durable result that can be made to blend with your natural smile. Pioneer Valley Dental Arts can also replace your old, dark fillings to restore oral health and make over your smile.

Composite fillings are highly durable and when placed, create a tight seal around the tooth which greatly reduces the risk of future damage or decay. They are color matched to your natural teeth for a beautiful result that can complement your smile while addressing a dental problem.

Inlays and Onlays

For decay affecting a significant portion of the tooth or a larger tooth, we may recommend the use of an inlay or onlay. Also known as a “partial crown”, these two indirect restorations can strengthen and preserve your natural tooth with beautiful results.

Inlays and onlays are typically made from a high quality ceramic material such as porcelain for long lasting results.

Our Technology

Even though they are one of the most common dental treatments used today, the thought of a dental filling can often be anxiety producing for many patients. Pioneer Valley uses a wide range of technology to make your visit more pleasant- and less painful.

  • Air Abrasion: To make tooth preparation for a filling or restoration more comfortable, we use air abrasion. An air abrasion hand piece blows a powerful air stream of tiny, fine aluminum oxide particles out of its tip onto tooth structure. Air abrasion uses the kinetic energy principle, in which particles bounce off the tooth and blasts the decay away. This is completed with little to no pain, minimal noise and accurate results.
  • CEREC: for high quality, custom inlays and onlays that can be placed during a single visit, we use CEREC. This CAD/CAM technology helps us to digitally plan and mill your dental inlay or onlay in our Longmeadow dentist office with great precision.


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