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Restoring tooth damage, decay or loss is the focus of restorative dental procedures offered at Pioneer Valley Dental Arts in Longmeadow, MA. Dr. Evans and Dr. Ziemba are experienced dentists with many hours of post graduate training in tooth replacement and dental restorations.

The health and function of your smile has an impact on your overall physical well being and daily quality of life. Missing teeth, damaged teeth and decayed teeth can make many aspects of daily life difficult or embarrassing. Bring back a smile that is healthy, functional and boosts your confidence in your appearance with a restorative dental procedure.

Restore Your Smile

Dr. Evans and Dr. Ziemba offers personalized dental care and will take the time to meet with you, evaluate your dental health and discuss your personal concerns when it comes to your smile. We offer the range of restorative dentistry necessary to meet your needs and bring back your natural smile.

Dr. Evans and Dr. Ziemba have advanced training in implant dentistry and are members of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID). We offer full services for the placement of all types of dental implants for secure, permanent and natural looking tooth replacement. Alternative options include:

Pioneer Valley also offers comprehensive cosmetic dentistry and a cosmetic treatment may be the solution for your dental problem or enhance the results of a restoration.

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During a consultation, Dr. Ziemba or Dr. Evans will present the treatment options best suited to your unique concerns and goals. To learn more about how a restorative dental procedure can solve your dental problems and give you back a smile you look forward to sharing each day, contact our office at (413) 327-9858 or request an appointment online.


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