Protect Your Smile from Pandemic Stress

The ongoing risks, regulations, and restrictions of the global pandemic have increased the stress levels of many individuals around the world. Stress can have detrimental effects on your overall wellbeing, including your oral health.

If your mouth is not as healthy as it should be, the appearance of your smile can diminish. Pioneer Valley Dental Arts, a dental practice in Longmeadow, MA, describes three ways to combat stress-related habits that could harm your smile and have you seeking treatment from a cosmetic dentist.

stress and your oral health in Longmeadow Massachusetts

Limit Beverages That Stain

Stress can negatively impact your sleep schedule. To counteract daytime grogginess, you may reach for coffee or tea for a caffeine boost.

Dark-colored beverages like tea and coffee contain tannins that can absorb into your enamel and leave stains on the surface of your teeth. Dentists suggest avoiding or reducing your intake of these beverages to preserve your tooth color. If you notice staining or yellowing in your smile, you can ask your dentist about professional teeth whitening treatment.

Protect Teeth from Grinding

Heightened stress can initiate or exacerbate a tooth grinding or clenching habit. The grating of the top row of teeth against the bottom row creates an abnormally high amount of pressure.

This can cause teeth to fracture, chip, or crack. Severe damage may require restorative dental solutions, but minor tooth breakage may be amended with cosmetic tooth bonding.

If you grind your teeth in your sleep, your dentist may ask you to wear a mouthguard overnight to protect your smile from unconscious grinding behavior.

Attend Routine Dentist Appointments

With the chaos of the pandemic, many patients may think it is easier to skip their regular dental visits rather than schedule an appointment. This can have strong, negative effects on your oral health.

During these routine appointments, your dentist cleans plaque build-up from spots of your mouth that can be missed during your oral hygiene routine. If plaque remains on your teeth, it can erode your enamel and leave teeth vulnerable to structural damage.

Weakened enamel can mean that your teeth are unable to resist cosmetic harm as well. You should visit your dentist for routine cleanings every six months.

Find an Expert Cosmetic Dentist in Longmeadow, MA

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