The Power of Prompt Periodontal Care

A recent study published in the Journal of Clinical Periodontology suggests that individuals with gum disease could be more likely to suffer from severe complications of COVID-19 than those without this condition. This could occur because of the link between inflamed gum tissue and the body’s inflammatory response.

Some dental patients have neglected their oral health during the ongoing global pandemic, avoiding the stress of scheduling cleanings with restrictions in place. But taking care of your gums can be more important to staying healthy than ever.

You should continue seeing your dentist for routine exams where they can monitor your periodontal health. Pioneer Valley Dental Arts, a dental practice located in Longmeadow, MA, discusses the importance of addressing bleeding gums and other periodontal problems promptly with your dentist.

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Do I Have Gum Disease?

Common symptoms of periodontal disease include swelling, soreness, and bleeding in the gums. These issues may occur for acute reasons, like harsh teeth brushing, but if they persist, you should talk to your dental professional.

However, not all patients with gum disease display these noticeable symptoms. Sometimes you may not recognize you have this condition until your dentist catches it during a periodontal screening. This is why it is crucial to schedule routine dental exams and cleanings.

Untreated gum disease can progress, causing gums to recede and putting you at risk of severe and irreversible dental harm like tooth loss. The disease cannot be cured on its own, so you should not procrastinate addressing this problem with your dentist.

How Will My Dentist Treat Periodontal Problems?

If your dentist diagnoses you with periodontal disease, they will want to start treating you to get rid of the infection within this same appointment. They will begin by thoroughly cleaning excess plaque, tartar, and bacteria from your teeth and gums.

This targeted cleaning technique, which dentists call scaling and root planing, clears hard-to-reach spots in your mouth, including deep in the gum pocket. If the infection persists, your dentist may recommend more invasive treatment options, such as oral surgery.

Practicing good oral hygiene can help you prevent gum disease and many other dental issues, but some patients are more susceptible to this infection. If this is the case, your dentist may recommend that you add an antibacterial mouthwash to your routine. This can balance bacteria in your mouth to reduce the chances of contracting oral infections like gum disease and alleviate uncomfortable periodontal symptoms.

Find Expert Periodontal Care in Longmeadow, MA

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