Cosmetic Dental Consult Expectations

Our smiles can change over time, and we may not be happy with stains that can form on our teeth or if teeth become crooked. You can amend aesthetic concerns in your smile with your dentist using cosmetic dental treatments.

You can experience a streamlined and efficient initial appointment with your dentist if you know what to expect before you arrive at the office. Pioneer Valley Dental Arts, a dental practice serving patients near Springfield, MA, describes what will occur when you visit your dentist for your first cosmetic consultation.

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What Happens During an Initial Cosmetic Consultation?

Dental Health Examination

Though you have scheduled your cosmetic dental consultation to discuss smile enhancement treatment options, your dentist will first want to examine your smile for signs of structural damage. They will perform a thorough teeth cleaning along with an evaluation of your teeth and gums.

If they find cavities, gum disease, or other issues, they will recommend treatment before pursuing cosmetic dentistry. You can experience more success with smile improvement procedures if your teeth can provide a strong, healthy, and stable foundation.

Smile Design Planning

When your smile is feeling its best and is free from dental issues, you and your dentist can talk about ways to get your smile looking its best too. Your dentist will approach your smile design strategy with a personalized touch, considering your existing dental structure and your aesthetic goals to find the optimal treatment for your unique smile.

Digital imaging technology allows your dental professional to develop a treatment plan that can give you beautiful and natural-looking results. The staff will maintain open communication during each step of the process to ensure you remain comfortable and well-informed.

Scheduling Cosmetic Dental Treatments

With a strategy in place, you can work with the dental team to schedule any necessary cosmetic dental procedures. Some treatments, including teeth whitening services and porcelain veneers, may require more than one appointment with your dentist to complete.

Your dentist can provide Invisalign aligners to patients who wish to straighten their teeth once they have been constructed in the dental lab. The patients can take these appliances home and wear them as directed to enhance their smiles. However, they may need to visit their dentist for check-ups while they undergo their treatment.

The dental professional can give you details about how often you will need to attend dentist appointments to boost the look of your smile during this consultation appointment.

Talk to an Expert Cosmetic Dentist in Massachusetts

Pioneer Valley Dental Arts offers professional teeth whitening services and other cosmetic dental treatments to patients in the Springfield, MA area. Our practice also specializes in restorative and general dentistry, including periodontal care, for patients of all ages. If you feel unsettled about pending dental procedures, ask your dental professional about sedation dentistry. To schedule a consultation or appointment with our team, contact our staff by phone at 413.327.9858 or reach our office online.


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