Do Protein Shakes Hurt Teeth?

Many people enjoy protein shakes to improve their fitness routine, gain muscles, or supplement their healthy diet. Though these drinks offer many wellness benefits, they can damage your teeth if you are not careful with your consumption of these beverages.

However, you do not have to give up your favorite drinks in order to protect your smile. Consult with your dentist about the link between your diet and your smile. They can help you form and stick to good eating habits as well as illustrate what protein drinks can do for your unique smile. Read on to find three preventative dentistry tips that will keep your teeth looking and feeling their best if you consume protein shakes.

protein shakes affect oral health

Protect Oral Health When Drinking Protein Shakes

Remove Gritty Film from Teeth

When you drink a protein shake, you may notice a gritty residue remaining on your teeth after you swallow. Powdery drinks may leave this film behind. Lingering particles like this on your teeth will contribute to plaque development.

Plaque will eat away at your teeth, making them vulnerable to dental dangers. We remove plaque on a regular basis by brushing our teeth and flossing. But if you leave this grit on your teeth until your next oral hygiene routine, the plaque could hurt your smile.

Consider rinsing away this grit by drinking a glass of water. This will wash away lingering particles, making your mouth cleaner and keeping it safe. You may also decrease your chances of forming bad breath this way.

Avoid High Sugar Content

Many protein shakes contain a high amount of added sugar to enhance their flavor. Though you may enjoy the sweet taste, sugar notoriously can harm your teeth. It reacts with saliva to become acidic.

This may result in the erosion of the tooth enamel, which will heighten your risk for cavities. Preserve your dental structure by avoiding added sugar wherever possible, including in protein shakes.

Check the listed ingredients of your beverage to have a better idea of the contents of what you consume. These precautionary measures can save you time and money as you prevent dental emergencies.

Continue Good Oral Habits

You can face fewer consequences from enjoying the beverages you love, like protein shakes, when you have a healthy foundation in your smile. You can keep your teeth and gums looking and feeling their best by continuing proper oral habits, including hygiene.

Brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss every day to get rid of plaque and bacteria that could otherwise hurt your smile. Good oral hygiene means attending routine dental check-ups too. They clean your teeth and examine your smile for early signs of dental problems during these visits.

Then they can offer swift treatments to amend these concerns before they leave lasting damage to your smile. Preventative dental care involves continuous efforts, so make sure you keep up with these good habits.


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