Tips to Fight Dry Mouth

Have you ever felt a tacky, sticky, dry feeling in your mouth? This uncomfortable sensation refers to a condition known as dry mouth. It occurs when you produce less saliva in your mouth, creating a dry oral environment.

Not only does this feel unpleasant, but it puts your oral health in danger. The dryness allows natural oral bacteria to spread across the teeth with greater ease, meaning you could face a higher risk of infections, including gum disease. Prevent these infections by fighting dry mouth conditions.

Sometimes, dry mouth happens for acute reasons, which you can beat on your own. Other times, especially when dry mouth becomes chronic, you might need a dentist to help you resolve the condition. Read on to find advice from your dentist to relieve milder dry mouth symptoms at home.

Tips to Fight Dry Mouth

Drink Plenty of Water

Dry mouth, or a decline in saliva production, often happens as a side effect of dehydration. If you do not have enough water in your body, you cannot make enough saliva to keep your mouth as moist as it should be.

Dentists and other health experts agree you should drink at least eight eight-ounce glasses of water per day to ensure you stay hydrated. If you consume dehydrating agents, like caffeine, make sure you drink more water to compensate.

Carry a portable water bottle that you can bring along with you during your daily activities so that you can have easy access to the water you need. This will ensure your smile as well as the rest of your body stays healthy. Dehydration can come with other medical consequences along with dry mouth.

Chew Sugar-Free Gum

You can stimulate saliva production if your mouth feels dry with the act of chewing. However, you might not want to disrupt your diet and eat food when you are not hungry. So you can chew gum to fight dry mouth.

Make sure you choose a type of gum that does not contain added sugar. Infamously, sugar can hurt your teeth because it becomes acidic when it reacts with saliva. This destruction of your dental structure can put you at a greater risk of cavities.

Therefore, pay attention to the gum you purchase to ensure you pick a sugar-free option. Then you can protect your oral health by preventing dry mouth without causing other dental concerns.

Check for Environmental Factors

Sometimes your environment can impact your oral health and lead to dry mouth. The next time you feel dry mouth symptoms, pay attention to your surroundings and notice any patterns.

If you feel dry mouth in certain rooms, the air might be dry there, causing your mouth to dry out too. You might not be able to avoid the room in question, but you can alter the environment to prevent dry mouth. Consider buying a humidifier that will add moisture to the room.

If you do not notice a pattern in your environment and your oral symptoms, let your dentist know. They can determine the cause of the dry mouth and treat the issue accordingly.


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