Improve Wellness by Smiling

We consider smiling to be a sign of feeling happy. This stems from the way it often occurs as an involuntary reaction when we feel joy. But the action of smiling can also induce happy feelings of its own accord. Then this can result in wellness benefits for your entire body.

Because smiling plays such a positive role in your well-being, you should take measures to maintain the appearance of your smile. If you feel unsatisfied with the way your teeth look, you might feel the pressure to hide your smile.

A dentist can help you enhance your smile so that you can smile with pride and see health advantages accordingly. Read on to learn more about how the act of smiling will impact your overall wellness and how your dentist can help you get the smile of your dreams.

Improve Wellness by Smiling

How Does Smiling Affect Your Overall Health?

Smiling involves muscles stretching the edges of the lips upward and the contracting of muscles at the outer corners of the eyes. These muscle movements trigger a reaction within the brain. Then it will generate three types of neurotransmitters, substances that influence your mood.

Serotonin, endorphins, and dopamine are all neurotransmitters that make you feel happier. They will also relieve stress and pain, which will reduce strain throughout the body. You can then see lower blood pressure and a decreased risk of heart attacks and other emergencies.

All of the benefits can connect back to the act of smiling. So if you smile more frequently, you can then feel healthier. And health experts also agree that an improved mood thanks to smiling will enhance your overall outlook so that you can have a better day.

How Can I Boost Confidence in My Smile?

Since smiling offers all of these health benefits, you want to make sure you have a smile that you are proud to show off. If you notice aesthetic concerns in your teeth, you might not want to smile as often. Schedule a cosmetic consultation with your dentist to learn how you can amend these issues in your smile’s appearance.

The dentist will employ an individualized approach to smile enhancement. This way, you can get the beautiful, natural-looking results you desire without compromising your oral health. They can then offer a variety of treatment options that will suit your specific dental needs.

For instance, professional teeth whitening available both in the office and as a take-home kit can brighten your tooth color with minimized side effects and an even, natural finish. Tooth bonding and porcelain veneers can cover dental irregularities for a fuller and straighter appearance in your smile. Invisalign and orthodontics will fix bite problems and make your smile straighter.

Learn which of these dental treatments can help you accomplish your smile aesthetic goals by calling your dentist today. Then you can feel more inclined to smile and feel better overall. Reach your Longmeadow, MA dental practice online or by phone at 413.327.9858.


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