Does Whitening Toothpaste Work?

Have you noticed yellowing or dark spots forming on your smile? Dental discoloration can form for a number of reasons, and no matter the cause, you might feel self-conscious about how your smile will appear with these stains. You might seek a quick way to make your teeth whiter using products you can purchase at your local shop.

Whitening toothpaste promises to brighten the color of your smile, but will this hygienic tool really give you the white smile of your dreams? This type of toothpaste can help you get rid of some dental stains, but you should pay attention to how you use it. Read on to learn further details about the role whitening toothpaste can play in your smile enhancement.

Does Whitening Toothpaste Work

What Does Traditional Toothpaste Do?

You apply traditional toothpaste to your toothbrush during your usual oral hygiene routine. Teeth brushing, in conjunction with daily flossing, will scrub away harmful residues on your smile, keeping your teeth healthy and clean.

Toothpaste features abrasive ingredients that will better remove plaque and other stubborn build-ups, including surface stains. So traditional toothpaste can enhance your tooth color slightly. But you will need more targeted smile enhancement to address stains that develop deeper in the tooth’s enamel.

Will Whitening Toothpaste Brighten Tooth Color?

Whitening toothpaste differs from traditional toothpaste in that it contains bleaching agents. These ingredients will penetrate deeper into the enamel of the teeth to lift stains to the surface where you can easily brush them away. You can see your smile brighten several shades with this product.

When choosing a toothpaste brand at your local store, look for the ADA seal. This ensures you buy a whitening toothpaste guaranteed to work when used as directed.

How Can a Dentist Treat Stubborn Tooth Discoloration?

While whitening toothpaste can have cosmetic benefits for your tooth color, it will not provide better results than attention from your dentist. Not all dental discoloration will respond to this product, and you cannot guarantee an even finish with toothpaste alone.

Your cosmetic dentist will evaluate your unique smile to find the best dental treatment to enhance your tooth color. Professional teeth whitening will involve expert application of bleaching gel to the teeth. The procedure is attuned to the specific shape of your smile for improved results.

Some dental stains are too deep in the teeth to respond to bleaching products. In these cases, a dentist will recommend other cosmetic dental solutions to brighten your smile.

For instance, tooth bonding entails sculpting composite resin on the teeth and hardening it into place to cover stubborn stains. This treatment could be susceptible to staining over time though, so pay attention to your dentist’s aftercare guidelines.

You might also try porcelain veneers to enhance the color of your smile. These custom shells attach to the front of teeth to make them appear whiter and more regular. They will not stain, so you can expect long-lasting effects from this treatment.


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