Do I Have a Cavity?

Most individuals get a cavity at some point in their lifetime, but dental patients still worry that their dentist will find one in their smile during a routine exam. Is there a way to know if you have a cavity before your dentist appointment?

Though cavities might be common, they can be harmful to your smile if not treated by your dental professional promptly. Pioneer Valley Dental Arts, a dental practice in Longmeadow, MA, provides further information about cavities and signs that you may have one.

cavity treatment in Longmeadow Massachusetts

What Is a Cavity?

A cavity is a form of tooth decay that creates a hole in the enamel of your tooth. Decay stems from plaque, a film created from natural bacteria in your mouth. Plaque can spread across your teeth and deteriorate your enamel, but we practice oral hygiene to remove plaque before it causes this damage.

But sometimes we are not careful enough with oral hygiene practices, and plaque remains on teeth and creates a cavity. Cavities may also occur from eating sugary or acidic foods or other factors beyond a patient’s control.

What are the Symptoms of a Cavity?

Eroded enamel can leave underlying dentin exposed, which can leave you with tooth sensitivity. Tooth pain can be a prominent signifier of a cavity. You may also notice discoloration on the affected tooth if you have a cavity.

However, sometimes cavities do not present with noticeable symptoms. This is why regular dental appointments are so important to your oral health. Your dentist can find and treat cavities before they cause further damage to your smile.

What Dental Treatment Will I Need?

Cavities do not go away on their own and will worsen if not treated by a dental professional. Your dentist can treat cavities with dental fillings.

Your dentist must first remove the decay from the tooth, which traditionally involves a drill. New dental technology allows decay removal with air abrasion, which can be more comfortable for patients. Once the decay is gone, the dentist fills the resulting hole in the tooth with composite resin, which is durable and seals the area to protect it from future harm.

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