Drink Water to Prevent Dental Problems

The human body primarily consists of water, so we learn from a young age that staying hydrated is crucial to our health. This applies to the wellness of your teeth and gums too.

Dentists and other medical professionals agree that you should drink eight eight-ounce glasses of water every day to maintain adequate levels of hydration. Pioneer Valley Dental Arts, a dentist team practicing in Longmeadow, MA, describes three oral health benefits you will notice when you drink plenty of water.

oral health boost with water in Longmeadow Massachusetts

Boost Your Oral Hygiene

Natural bacteria in our mouths interact with food particles and create a film of plaque over our teeth throughout each day. We practice good oral hygiene, including brushing and flossing, in order to remove plaque before it can harm our teeth and gums.

However, we consume substances that contribute to plaque formation in between oral hygiene regimens. Drinking a glass of water can rinse lingering food particles from our teeth and avoid excess plaque build-up. This can also decrease your chances of developing bad breath.

Lower Your Risk of Contracting Periodontal Disease

Low levels of hydration decrease saliva production, which means you may develop unpleasant dry mouth. This environment in your mouth allows bacteria to spread easily across your teeth, meaning you could be at a higher risk of contracting an oral infection such as gum disease.

Dentists recommend preventative care when it comes to gum health because periodontal disease requires professional intervention to treat. You should drink plenty of water to keep your gums healthy and keep infections at bay.

Get Wellness Benefits from a Healthy Beverage

Water offers more wellness benefits than many other popular beverage options, including soft drinks. Water contains zero calories and no added sugar, which lowers your risk of developing cavities. It can also have fluoride, which strengthens tooth enamel, allowing further protection from dental problems like tooth decay.

Water is also clear-colored, meaning you will not be at risk of cosmetic concerns like tooth discoloration. Dark-colored beverages contain tannins that could leave stains on your smile.

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