Benefits from Dental Bonding

Have you noticed minor changes in the way that your smile looks? Even small flaws in your teeth’s appearance can impact your confidence. You can schedule a consultation with your dentist to find a cosmetic treatment that can get your smile looking its best once again.

Teeth bonding treatment uses composite resin sculpted according to your smile aesthetic goals. It can amend several types of cosmetic concerns in your smile. Read on to learn how dental bonding can improve the appearance of your teeth.

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How Will Teeth Bonding Help My Smile?

Brighten and Even Tooth Color

As you age, your teeth can become duller or yellower. You may also accrue stains from dark-colored foods and beverages that cannot be removed with your typical oral hygiene routine.

Your dentist can use tooth bonding to cover discoloration in your smile with tooth-colored resin. A final polish ensures that your results will appear brighter and more gorgeous while retaining a natural look.

Be careful with substances that contain staining agents, as bonding may become discolored over time without proper care. Your dentist can determine the best teeth whitening option for your unique smile during a cosmetic consultation.

Fix Small Cracks and Chips in Teeth

Though teeth can endure wear and tear on a regular basis, sometimes accidents can occur that lead to cracks or chips in your teeth. This type of injury can detract from the appearance of your smile, but it can also worsen over time.

You should seek treatment for this type of injury as soon as you can to preserve your smile and protect it from dental dangers. Major tooth breakage will require restorative dental treatment. But your dentist can fill small chips and cracks in a tooth with resin through tooth bonding.

Reshape Irregular Teeth

If you have a tooth that has an irregular shape, you might feel unhappy with the way that your smile appears. Whether the tooth has always looked this way or has worn into an altered shape over time, your dentist can reconstruct the tooth’s shape using tooth bonding.

The resin is malleable, so your dentist can sculpt it according to your unique smile goals and give you the smile of your dreams. With proper care and maintenance, tooth bonding treatment will last for three to ten years. You can ask your dentist about a touch-up appointment if the cosmetic benefits begin to fade within this time period.

Close Gaps Between Teeth

A gap between your teeth can disrupt your smile’s appearance, but it can also impact your oral health. Food can become trapped in these gaps, deteriorating and harming your tooth enamel as it lingers in your smile.

You can boost your oral hygiene as well as the look of your smile by filling gaps with resin through tooth bonding treatment. More severe bite and alignment issues may need orthodontic solutions to straighten the teeth. But bonding can close a gap and create a fuller and straighter-looking smile.


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